Live Music

24 Apr

There’s something almost magical about seeing live music.  The Santa Barbara Bowl in particular, is just such a gorgeous setting, and even when the sun has gone down, the presence of the beauty that surrounds you leaves its imprint.  And I really believe that some music just needs open air.  To vibrate and pulse without constraint or reverberation, to allow the soft notes and the suspensions to linger breathlessly, and fade into the night.

And somehow it strikes me, on occasion… that so many of the audience members are probably bursting with musical talent as well.  Whether it’s a voice or a beat or strumming fingers or even a finely tuned ear.  Because in addition to coming to experience the magic it stirs up in us, I feel like people are often attracted to something they feel has the potential to bloom inside them.  And I marvel when I think of some of my own friends that I saw scattered throughout the bowl that night, and the talent and passion that I know is there.  And how often it’s audacity and perseverence that seperates a working musician from one who sits in the audience dreaming.

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