Daily Intention: Have a Sense of Humor!

29 Apr

It’s almost unfortunate that this has to be an intention of mine, right?!  This one popped into my head this morning, around 8am, when Mason woke up for the day (yes he slept in!)  I was glad to stay in bed a few more winks while Mark changed his diaper… but then I heard “uh… I need your help!” from the baby’s room.  I knew this tone, it meant a diaper accident.  Sure enough, the (disposable) diaper we had on Mason last night, did not contain the outburst of it’s contents this morning.  I lept out of bed, rushed to gather a new diaper and wipes, and immediately, the internal advice, have a sense of humor about this! entered my brain, and saved me from early morning agitation.  And here was born today’s intention.

Diaper mishaps aside, it’s a true statement.  I sorely need to bring a sense of humor back into my days!  Not that mine has left me completely.  I still appreciate an ironic one liner, a funny sketch, an good laugh in good company.  But I hate to admit, that when it comes to my husband, I have become far more sensitive.  My honey has a joking nature about him, and is quick to tease, play and make silly comments.  He’s the sweetest man I’ve ever known, and despite this knowledge, I still manage to find myself offended or ready to jab, when I really should be laughing with him.

So this is where my intentions lie today.  To wave away my serious reactions and laugh at myself and any potentially frustrating humorous circumstances we find ourselves in today.  We’re off to a good start. 😉

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