Daily Intention: Love & No Pressure (Respectively)

1 May


Yesterday was my wedding anniversary.  One year.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post wedding photos on this day, and write public love letters to their spouse.  Of course that’s sweet, but I’ve always felt it was a little cheesy too.  So in defiance, I post our alternative to a champagne toast last night:

We had to reschedule our date day (it’s date days now with the little one) for a couple of weeks from now because of a forgotten work event.  But last night was some Mason 🙂 jar poured delicious seasonal beer (courtesy of my sister from Bootlegger’s Brewery down in Fullerton), take out thai food and a netflix movie.  Perfection.  Have I mentioned how utterly wonderful my husband is?

Yesterday, my intention was love.  Predictable?  Maybe.  Appropriate? I think so.  Especially since yesterday, I also attended a funeral for the step-brother of one of my very close friends.  We need love for the sad times as well as the celebratory ones.

I’ve been wondering how a more abstract intention would play out, as opposed to one that’s more instructional.  Love.  I tried to just keep it in mind, like any other.  When I was at a loss for words, seeing my friend after the funeral, I tried to just send her love.  When I found myself tempted to make rude comments in a conversation, I thought of my intention, and reframed what I was saying.  And when my husband got off work… well, that part was easy 😉


Today, I stressed myself out a little this morning, trying to settle on an intention (again, so not the point of this practice!)  There’s another more abstract idea I’ve been wanting to use as an intention but have been a little intimidated of it.  So part of me felt I should go for that one, another part of me was trying desperately to find another intention that would make me feel like I wasn’t using it as a cop out.  I finally got so fed up with my internal conflicts that I declared this a no pressure day.

My intention is to not put any pressure on myself.  Not to sink into the couch all day and do nothing, but not stress myself out with accusations about what I should be doing or thinking or saying.

I’m also starting to develop a sneaking suspicious about the theme of these intentions… a potential key to living, at least in this stage of the game.  But I want to wait and see before I get too attached to it.

And hey, if you’re reading this.  Try it out.  There’s healing in laying down the whip.  Even for a day.

One Response to “Daily Intention: Love & No Pressure (Respectively)”

  1. Jenna Fante May 1, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

    Thank you for your love yesterday and always. That’s all I needed – words are not comforting, just your presence. Just being surrounded by people who love me, who show up when I need them the most. I love you.

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