Worlds Collide

4 Jan

I’m sitting in the Mesa coffee shop. Laughing to myself because I sit here smelling the coffee, sipping my mint tea, I have a headache, which I can only attribute to the two chili dogs, one corn dog and order of chili cheese fries that I sucked down at noon from Weinerschnitzel. But I digress… I’m sitting in the Good Cup. And I’ve already seen three people I used to hang out with downtown in my partying days. Another one that looks familiar… and it’s strange to see these faces in this different context and this different time in my life. I wonder if the Mesa is where everyone goes to settle down after they party? Or if it’s just where people go to try and hide out from familiar places, ironically. And then I look around at all the people in here… mid-twenties… mid-thirties… over fifty… And wonder if they’re all brought back to those crazy times in their lives when they run into a memory trigger. And if they sit, smelling the coffee, in front of their laptops… looking around at all the faces and marveling at how things have changed. And how young and wild we all were at one time or another.


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