Eye Contact, some thoughts

14 Feb
I used to be the one who looked unflinchingly into the eyes of others.
Who noticed that it was them, who would shift around after a moment,
break my gaze,
a bit uncomfortable at the continuity of it.

Now I find that it is me who shifts and shuffles.
I only see it at times, because there are so few people in the world who really drink you in when you are with them.  Who turn themselves fully towards you, eyes locked and receptive, ready to hold an unwavering space for you to just be
or speak.
I can only think of two.
(And one additional who manages to do it through video)

And each time…
I find myself being the first to break the contact.
Unwilling to accept the space? The unconditionality that they offer…
on some level at least.

Even though, I am quite certain that is what we ALL crave.

One Response to “Eye Contact, some thoughts”

  1. jules_abounding February 17, 2014 at 7:38 am #

    I read this a few days ago and took a couple days to let it sit with me. It is something that I notice in other people, but often forget to notice when I’m the one who breaks contact, connection. I’ve been much more aware of it these past couple days. Our eyes tell so much, sometimes more than we want them to. So when something is difficult to talk about, or we’re speaking with someone we barely know, we may unconsciously try and hide something deeper…it may even be something of which we are not aware.
    We do all crave human connection, but we are also often afraid of it. We’re willing to offer it far more than we might be willing to accept it.
    Love you. And love your acknowledgment of things so often overlooked.

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