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August Break – Day 14

14 Aug

20130814-201338.jpg Day 14: Stillness

August Break – Day 12 & 13

13 Aug

20130813-214809.jpg Day 12: Far Away (ish)

20130813-214838.jpg Day 13: Home (part 1)

20130813-214919.jpg Day 13: Home (part 2)

August Break – Day 9, 10 & 11

13 Aug

20130813-091455.jpg Day 9: Taste

20130813-091209.jpg Day 10: Red

20130813-091251.jpg Day 11: Play

August Break – Day 7 & 8

9 Aug

20130809-141653.jpgDay 7: skyline

20130809-141924.jpgDay 8: Selfie
(Naptime for mama)

August Break – Day 5 & 6

6 Aug

Day 5: close up

Day 6: Diagonals

August Break – Day 4: Love

4 Aug

My two loves

August Break – Day 3: Yellow

3 Aug




August Break – Day 2: Circles

2 Aug


August Break – Day 1: Breakfast

1 Aug

Trying to switch it up with sliced tomatoes and eggs on multigrain sourdough (a small spread of veganaise, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of pepper and kind infused salt) mmm

The August Break

26 Jul

The August Break 2013

It’s almost time for August. And this little blog space has been in the corners of my mind for months. I used to write much more frequently and have since built up quite a bit of hesitation before every blog post I attempt. I have conflicting thoughts in my head over what I want is space to be, especially with some changes coming up in my life… But while I’m pondering these things. My poor little Conversations blog sits dormant.

So I’m breaking the silence, visually.

I love what Susannah Conway says about her August Break

Back in August 2010 I decided to give myself a break from writing blog posts and instead shared a photo or two each day as a way to be present in my days without the pressure of finding words. I blogged about it (of course), invited everyone to join me and lo, The August Break was born.

So here we go. Well… In a few more days that is.

Instagraming at @pausingbliss