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Daily Intention: Breathe

24 Apr

I had many variations of today’s intention before I settled on breathe.

After the luxurious slowing down of yesterday’s tone, I had thoughts of being proactive as a potential intention, a little counter balance.  But when I woke up this morning, 25 minutes before a doctor’s appointment, with a baby to feed, change and get dressed, as well as myself… I quickly decided be flexible was a more appropriate intention.

But of course, after that followed a tired, cranky baby, and my husband who needed the car for a meeting, throwing a kink into my errand running plans for the day.  And by noon… I found myself lecturing myself internally through gritted teeth and shallow breaths… “Be flexible!  Be flexible!”

That wasn’t going to improve my day in any way, shape or form.

So I took a cue from my attempted flexibility, and changed my intention.

What was the first thing I needed to do in order to try and approach the day with the flexibility it seemed to be asking of me…


So I’ve been adjusting my plans, working my errands around the times I had the car, and the places I could walk.  I’ve been trying to keep tuned in to the little one’s needs.  And whenever I start to feel frazzled or frantic…

I take a breath.

and then sometimes, I take another breath.

And another if necessary.

Until I’m no longer gritting my teeth.

And this, I discovered, has served me far better today than any more ambitious attitude I may have tried setting for myself.

I hope you’re all breathing today as well.