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Daily Intention: Finishing Things

2 May

Finishing things… Tying up loose ends… Wrapping things up…

To be honest today’s intention is a little slow in the uptake.

I can blame it on the gorgeous hefty armful of an almost seven month old I have in tow… but it’s really more me.  There’s a handful of things I have occupying space around the house.  Small, easy tasks left half completed that are not only physically taking up precious space in my surroundings, but are also sucking up valuable energy in the corners of my mind.

I remember listening to a podcast by Jen Lee, about this same topic.  She said that she thinks that when we put off finishing little things like this, we’re actually putting off the thing that is going to hit the to do list after they’re checked off.  I’m not sure what it is that I may potentially be avoiding… but I’m sick of these things hanging around my home and my head.

Checked off so far:

  • I took some baby clothes to a consignment store this morning that have been sitting in either our living room, or the trunk of our car for at least three or four weeks.
  • I’ve started on our meal plan for this month that I’ve been meaning to do for the past week.

And I was about to go on about how I’m lagging, but actually as I’m writing it out, I think I’m doing okay so far.

So, thanks for reading!  With my confidence renewed…